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NATO® 2pc Canvas PVD Buckles Military watchband.

Colors: Blue, Maroon, Grey, Brown, Black, Olive Green, or Khaki Tan.

Sizes: 22mm

S.S. Buckles: Black PVD Stainless Steel Buckle.

Tongue Holes. Re-inforced Stitched Embroidered tongue holes.

Taper: Non-Taper--buckle and watchband are the Same Size.

Thickness: 2.5mm thickness.

Length: 8.0” / 200mm. 

Edges: Turned edges stitched.

Construction: Solid Canvas - reinforced stitching.

Keepers: 2 Canvas Keepers - Stitched in place and Floating

Ends: Reinforced Stitching. 

FAST U.S. shipping.

NATO® Canvas Two Piece PVD Buckles Military Watchband

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